New & Pre-Owned PerkinElmer Clarus GC with TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler and the TotalChrom Data System.

Set up for Residual Solvent Analysis in Flexible Packaging Materials.

Turn-Key Headspace GC Systems includes:

  • PerkinElmer Clarus GC 120 V.
  • Single Capillary Split/Splitless Injector and Single FID
  • Electronic control of all pressures and flows
  • PerkinElmer TurboMatrix Headspace Autosamplers
  • PerkinElmer TotalChrom Chromatography Data Package with Dell PC, and Laser Printer
  • Turnkey Residual Solvent Application – Optimized to reporting results directly in Mg/Ream or Mg/Sq. Meter
  • On-Site Operator Training
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation