Custom Headspace GC Solvent Calibration Kit

Custom Headspace GC Solvent Calibration Kit Includes the following:

  1. 2 mL sealed amber glass ampules containing 1 mL of Custom Calibration Standard solution.
  2. 2 mL amber glass storage vial with screw caps with PTFE-faced silicone septa.
  3. Storage vial labels
  4. Certificate of Composition (Qualitative): A sample withdrawn from the packaged ampules is tested by the appropriate GC technique to verify the mixture composition. Product is supplied with a certificate of composition showing a chromatogram of the standard with each peak identified by compound name, CAS #, raw material purity, and gravimetric concentration in mg/mL (ug/uL).
  5. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Sheets)

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Quote Request Form

Custom Calibration Standard - Request for Quotation

Please Note:

A Minimum order is a quantity of 12 ampules is the minimum order quantity. All Custom Standards contain the solvents specified at equal concentration in mg/mL unless otherwise specified.

Please list all desired solvents by name and CAS # to be included in your calibration standard solution or attached your own list including compound names with CAS #: