Data System Training Services

ChromLab provides customized on-site chromatography data system training, method optimization and calibration services for the following manufacturer’s PC based data systems:

  • Agilent and Hewlett Packard ChemStation™
  • PerkinElmer TotalChrom™ Workstation
  • SRI Instruments PeakSimple™
  • Shimadzu LabSolutions™

ChromLab will train your personnel in the efficient set-up and calibration of your GC or LC data system. We will assist in the transfer of your current data handling methods to new PC based systems. We will optimize your data handling methods and develop standard operating procedures for your personnel to use after the training is complete. Training is available for the above chromatography data systems in the following areas:

  • Basic data system operation
  • Data acquisition and instrument control parameters
  • Integration parameters
  • Method optimization techniques
  • Calibration and quantitation
  • Using sequences for system automation
  • Report format generation
  • Data reprocessing

Benefits These support and training services will shorten your new data system start-up time and reduce overall operational costs to give your organization real long term savings. Your personnel will gain a solid understanding of their data system and the confidence to generate methods, reports and sequences and perform routine calibrations. Contact us to discuss your data system training and support needs.