Headspace GC Training

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ChromLab specializes in the PerkinElmer HS-40, HS-40XL, and HS TurboMatrix Automatic Headspace Samplers. Training programs are also available for the Tekmar 7000 and 7000HT, Agilent 7694E, and Varian Genesis Headspace Autosamplers.

Our comprehensive, one-day Headspace GC Training Program covers:

This on-site training program includes hands-on laboratory sessions with your equipment. Your personnel will gain a solid understanding of the headspace technique, their instrumentation, and the confidence to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting. Our on-site, combination, two-day Headspace GC Method Development and Training Program gives you the advantage of both a full day of application support and a full day of personalized instruction. This program delivers a method that is optimized on your headspace GC system with high sample throughput. The hands-on training will build the skills and confidence of your laboratory personnel and give improved system utilization.

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